COVID-19 Protocols

As healthcare providers in a known COVID-19 impacted area, we feel that it is important to follow public health recommendations from the CDC, the American Dental Association and the Department of Health to help prevent transmission in the community.  We have received training from Harris Biomedical to assist us in providing you the safest treatment available.

Please wear a mask upon arrival. If you do not have a mask, we can provide one for you. We ask that if you bring a guest, to have them wait outside; however, if you need to have them by your side for the procedure, we can make arrangements.

Our office has taken additional steps for your safety and protection which include:

  • Online Patient Registration prior to appointment
  • PRIVATE CLOSED DOOR ROOMS with windows for negative air pressure
  • Minimizing interaction in common areas
  • Additional hand sanitization stations 
  • Additional PPE protocols and attire

At this time, we believe that these additional measures and reinforcing social distancing are the most effective and responsible steps that we can take to support public health in our office and community.

Please call our office if you feel you have a dental emergency.

-Issaquah Endodontics